Bienvenue French Classes for kids
(0 - 12 years) in Sonoma and Marin

Bienvenue emphasizes "the welcoming" or "open feeling" that children naturally bring to learning. The course is given in a pleasant home environment with a small group of children (no more than 6) and the presence of one supportive parent per child. Classes invite the children to enact the new language in warm social interaction throughsinging (traditional and modern folk songs) with guitar, rhymes, hands-on activities, games, puppets, movement story-telling and snack. Older children also will be
gradually introduced to the written language.








Class Information

  • Class Length One hour (inquire about two hour classes)
  • Frequency Once a week
  • Place 510 Maria Drive, Petaluma
  • Ages 2-3, 4-6, 7-10 years (approximate)
  • Cost per hour (varies per number of students)
    • 5/6 students: $17
    • 4 students: $20
    • 3 students: $23
    • 2 students: $ 31
    • Private student: $55.00

    • $45.00 non-refundable first time student registration fee includes audiocassette, CD and manual.


  • Payment Plan Available
  • Refund Policy There will be no refunds after the third week of each quarter.


French Tutoring for kids
in Sonoma and Marin

French Tutoring for kids in Sonoma and Marin is also available on an indvidual basis.

Parent's Participation

To gain maximum advantage from this approach it is highly recommended that parents participate fully during class as well as at home with the provided audio cassette and booklet. Prior exposure to French is not needed. Although regularity, motivation and long-term commitment are keys to progress, it is also important to be patient and allow the time of immersion necessary for each child before he or she comes to a verbal response.




  • Every child should be accompanied
    by one parent (except for advanced
  • Parents must supervise their children closely at all times.
  • In order to ensure a beautiful quality of attention:
    • Kindly refrain from English conversation with other adults.
    • Finish food and drink beforehand.
    • No siblings are allowed.
    • Sing and participate in all the activities.

Current/Upcoming Schedule

  • Fall Program starts on September 7, 2009 and finishes on December 18, 2009.


For more information contact:

Christiane Prendergast
510 Maria Drive
Petaluma, CA 94954
(707) 763-9619

Please email me