Bienvenue Q & A

How old do you have to be to start this program?

Children, even babies, can benefit at any age.

What can I do to enhance my child's learning experience outside of class?

  • Review the audiotaped lessons frequently (daily for a short time is better than weekly for a long time).
  • Sing together with your child.
  • Practice the language at home.
  • Use all sources of information: other bienvenue Tapes, videos, CD Roms, books, etc.
  • Make a long term committment.

What if the parents do not speak any French?

  • Practice and sing along the language at home while listening to the audiotaped lesson.
  • Look for opportunities for the children to hear French.

What do you offer for very young children?

Bienvenue for Tots (click here).

Which music should I choose if I am a beginning older child or adult?

Learn French (click here).

What is the importance of music for learning a new language?


...solicits both parts of the brain.

...helps memorizing.

...invites participation.

...expresses the culture.

...is Fun!

Our children speak two languages, would it be detrimental to expose them to a third language?

On the contrary, research shows multiple languages enhances the child's ability to learn.

Can we use the tape, "Learn French", for homeschooling? How?

Yes, Learn French offers:

  • a series of songs that are easy to learn.
  • playful short dialogues for everyday communication.
  • transposable lyrics.

See the manual for detailed suggestions.

How long does it take to ship the product?

Orders are shipped by Priority US mail within a day of being received.
Shipping takes about 3 days within the United States.
Outside the US, shipping takes up to 7 days.